Skywest Hangar Rehab

Portland, OR

Skywest Airlines along with the Port of Portland completed a renovation to one of their existing hangars at the Portland International Airport. One phase of the project was renovating the existing 6-leaf, bi-parting hangar door system. JaCor was contracted to design, supply, and install a new weather seal system along with retrofitting the JaCor Titan Drive System.

  • The hangar door now features the JaCor Titan Drive System for reliable opening/closing of the 6-leaf hangar door
  • Internal battery backup, handheld pendants, and soft-start / soft-stop operation are just some of the standard features of the JaCor Titan Drive System.
  • New weather seals and galvanized retainers were added to each door panel: bottoms, verticals, and center
  • Galvanized weather seal rub plates were added between the door leaves to ensure a proper weather-tight seal
  • Interior, heavy-duty nylon brush seals add an additional layer of protection from the weather