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July 2019

I’ve ordered several specialty products through JaCor and they’ve done a great job. They have good products and fair prices.

T Anderson
June 2019

Awesome service, restored my faith in great business practice.

Brush seals and neoprene weather seals are an integral part of any door system. Properly weatherstripped hangar doors, bifold and hydraulic doors, sectional steel doors, garage doors, and barn doors ensure that damaging rain, snow, sand, and birds are kept out of your facility and away from your investments.

By replacing your old, worn-out seals and weatherstripping a door, you can save thousands of dollars in reduced energy bills and improve the appearance of your facility.

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About Jacor, Inc.

JaCor, Inc. has been in business since 2001. From the beginning, we have been committed to providing high-quality products, dependable customer service, and short lead times. We supply only the highest-quality weather seals, nylon and polypropylene brush seals, galvanized seal retainers, and other ancillary accessories for the bottom of rolling hangar doors, bifold doors, hydraulic doors, and barn-style doors. Our materials are typically in stock and custom-cut to meet your specifications, and all are available for purchase through our online store.

With a combined 40 years of experience in the hangar door industry, JaCor provides a solution for any sealing issue. In our 18 years, we have grown to become a leading supplier and installer of weather seals and brush seals for door systems throughout the world. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Installation Projects
Million Air Marathon Key, FL Titan Drive System Million Air's newest hangar in Marathon Key, FL had 2 existing drive system that were only 2 years old and already not working as advertised. JaCor upgraded the pick-up plates, electrical system and installed 2 new JaCor Titan Drives.
Joby Aviation Titan Drive System - Marina, CA ​Joby Aviation is an industry leader in the eVTOL field; zero emission battery powered air taxis. Expanding their footprint in Marina, CA included refurbishing a WWII era hangar. JaCor was contracted to add weather seals to make the hangar weather tight and our Titan Electric Drives to automate the hangar doors.
Beloit College Fieldhouse Designer Bifold Door Install

The decommissioned Blackhawk Generating Station on the Rock River was converted into a multi-purpose student and recreation center for Beloit College. JaCor was contracted to install 2 Schweiss Designer bifold doors stacked on top of each other. Natural light provided by the polycarbonate panels and open air ventilation from the 2 bifold doors provide the ultimate indoor training facility.

  • Coordination with the GC for proper bifold door fit and design
  • Full service installation from unloading to final commissioning
  • Experienced installation crew focusing on specialty and high visibility designer bifold doors.
Vintage Wings and Wheels Museum Poplar Grove, IL

The Poplar Grove Vintage Wings & Wheels Museum along with a contributing member wanted to weatherize the WWII hangar doors to keep down drafts and make the museum more comfortable for events and patrons. JaCor was contracted to design, supply, and install a new full perimeter weather seals along with vertical rub plates.

  • Vertical galvanized rub plates were added to each door leaf for sealing the adjacent weather seal
  • Exterior bottom weather seals and galvanized retainers keep water from entering the museum
  • Top nylon brush seals were added to eliminate birds and keeping warm air inside the hangar.
  • Center bulb weather seals and vertical bypass weather seals were added to the leaves
KNAG Hangars Weatherization Louisville, KY

The Kentucky Air National Guard - 123d Airlift Wing wanted better weatherization on their 2 large hangars in Louisville, KY. Due to the the size of the hangar doors and deterioration of the existing seals, there would be a significant yearly energy savings with new weather seals and brush seals. JaCor designed and implemented several changes to how the existing hangar door sealed.

  • Exterior bottom weather seals and galvanized retainers
  • Bypass weather seals and galvanized retainers
  • Top brush seals, anodized aluminum holders and galvanized close-off angles
  • End cap close-off seals
  • Lead jamb bulb seals
Signature Flight Hangar Rehab Milwaukee, WI

Signature Flight Support recently began management of this 8-leaf hangar door system at General Mitchell International Airport. The hangar doors were barely operational with failing electric drives, deteriorating concrete and bottom rails, and perimeter seals that were failing and causing large winter heating bills. JaCor was contracted to design, supply, and install a new bottom rail system, a Titan Electric Drive System, and full perimeter weather seals.

  • The existing bottom rail was demoed in 2 stages and replaced with new ASCE bottom rail, steel rail supports and anchors
  • The hangar door now features the JaCor Titan Drive System for reliable opening/closing of the 8-leaf hangar door
  • Internal battery backup, handheld pendants, and soft-start / soft-stop operation are just some of the standard features of the JaCor Titan Drive System.
  • New weather seals and galvanized retainers were added to each door panel: bottoms, verticals, and center
Trolley Duct Replacement Dover AFB, DE

The US Air Force has several large hangars at Dover AFB that service the C130. The hangar doors are over 65' tall and each individually powered by an overhead trolley duct system. For this project, one run of Aeromotive overhead trolley duct was damaged and needed to be replaced. JaCor was contracted to supply and install a new enclosed trolley duct power system. The new trolley duct system features 14' removable sections that can be easily replaced if damaged in the future. Contact JaCor if you need a trolley duct system replaced.

Titan Drive System Sellersburg, IN

The JaCor Titan Drive System works on any type of hangar door and includes everything you need to fully automate your door. This application was for a 4-leaf, one-way hangar door system. The fully assembled Titan Drive motor assembly easily mounts to the leading edge of the door.

  • Fully assembled and easy to install
  • Handheld pendant controls
  • Pneumatic traction tire to move any size door
  • Heavy-Duty and High-torque Motor
  • Reliable, dependable, and easy to use
  • Learn more from our Titan Drive System YouTube Video
Skywest Hangar Rehab Portland, OR

Skywest Airlines along with the Port of Portland completed a renovation to one of their existing hangars at the Portland International Airport. One phase of the project was renovating the existing 6-leaf, bi-parting hangar door system. JaCor was contracted to design, supply, and install a new weather seal system along with retrofitting the JaCor Titan Drive System.

  • The hangar door now features the JaCor Titan Drive System for reliable opening/closing of the 6-leaf hangar door
  • Internal battery backup, handheld pendants, and soft-start / soft-stop operation are just some of the standard features of the JaCor Titan Drive System.
  • New weather seals and galvanized retainers were added to each door panel: bottoms, verticals, and center
  • Galvanized weather seal rub plates were added between the door leaves to ensure a proper weather-tight seal
  • Interior, heavy-duty nylon brush seals add an additional layer of protection from the weather
Hagadone Jetport Weatherization Coeur D'alene, ID

Intense summer sun and cold snowy winters took their toll on the existing weather seals at the Hagadone Jetport. JaCor was contracted to supply and install new weather seals around the perimeter of each door panel. JaCor's pre-construction inspection revealed that the mechanical door pick-ups were installed incorrectly and not allowing the door to seal properly for the past 20 years. The problem was corrected and the two hangar door systems are sealing better than they ever have.

  • Corrected the mechanical pick-ups
  • Installed new weather seals: tops, verticals, bottoms
  • Completed inspection of door panels: mechanical, electrical, and structural
Signature Flight Support - MKE Hangar Door Installation

JaCor offers a complete line of installation services including bottom rolling hangar doors. This 105' wide x 22' high, 6-leaf, bi-parting door system was installed for Signature Flight Support in Milwaukee, WI. This bottom rolling door system was retrofitted onto an existing aircraft hangar. Refurbishment to the hangar included demoing the existing endwall and adding a new PEMB endwall, new concrete, and a new bottom track system, along with the new hangar door and upper track system. Many hangars are in need of a new door system, but the existing hangar is still in good shape.

  • 40 years of experience in bottom rolling door systems
  • Bottom rail installation
  • Door leaf and upper track installation
  • Exterior / interior sheeting, trims, and insulation installation
  • Electrical installation and start-up
  • 1-year labor warranty
Signature Flight Support - MDW Byrne Hangar Door; Weather Seals

Signature Flight Support - MDW contracted JaCor to redesign and replace their existing weather seals. The top header seal was completely missing, leaving a 3'5" wide x 172' long gap across the top of the door: equivalent to an 8' wide x 8' high door open year-round. Similarly, the vertical bulb seals were not effectively sealing against the building or between the two hangar door panels. The existing weather seals were replaced with JaCor's nylon inserted weather seals. The flexibility of the weather seals allowed the doors to move freely up and down, and the strength and durability of the weather seals will enable them to be effective for years to come.

American Airlines MRO Weatherization Tulsa, OK

One of the largest MRO facilities in America is the American Airlines hangar in Tulsa, OK. This single hangar consisted of two 300' wide x 80' high, 5-leaf hangar door systems and one 520'wide x 80' high, 8-leaf hangar door system. Temperature control and air infiltration is important to American Airlines when performing the maintenance on these large aircraft, so JaCor was contracted to supply and install new weather seals and galvanized retainers to replace the deteriorated bypass bulb seals.

Bifold Hangar Door Weather Seal Kenosha, WI

With snow, insects, and debris constantly entering underneath this bifold hangar door. Our weather seals consist of 2-ply of nylon mesh and 3-ply of neoprene for a long lasting and weather tight seal.

Army National Guard hangar Rehab Byrne Hangar Door; Indianapolis, IN

The Army National Guard in Indianapolis completed a complete renovation of historic Hangar 9. This hangar included two sets of Byrne hangar doors, each 134' wide x 28' high. Each door system received a complete weather seal replacement, new galvanized trims, and retainers, along with adjustments to the full-open and full-close limit switches. This is a heated hangar that gets utilized throughout the year by the National Guard so keeping the weather out and heating / cooling in was important.

  • Bottom seal with galvanized angle extension
  • Vertical bulb seals with galvanized angle flashings
  • Header seal with galvanized header extension
  • Full-open and close limit switch adjustment
Hunt Aviation Hangar Weatherization El Paso, TX

Dust, debris, and rodents were a constant problem for the Hunt hangar in El Paso, TX. JaCor was contracted to design a new weather seal system and complete the installation for this Aero Hangar Door System.

  • New vertical rub plates and bypass weather seals
  • Top exterior close-off plates and weather seals
  • Interior and exterior bottom weather seals
  • Lead jamb bulb seal with galvanized retainers
  • The soffit was sealed off
NASA Hangar Weatherization Glenn research center; Cleveland, OH

Energy Systems Group was contracted by NASA to complete an energy savings evaluation of their entire facility. One of these items was to replace the weather seals on two 250' wide x 37' high, 12-leaf hangar door systems. Due to the number of leaves and deterioration of the existing seals, there would be a significant yearly energy savings with new weather seals and brush seals.

  • Exterior and interior bottom weather seals
  • Bulb-bulb bypass weather seals
  • Top brush seals with aluminum holders
  • Lead jamb bulb seals
Dynamic Aviation Weatherization Higher Power hydraulic door; Bridgewater, VA

Dynamic Aviation has two large Higher Power hydraulic hangar doors. The large monolithic panels moved left to right inconsistently when closing, causing irregular gaps along the vertical edges, header, and sill. JaCor was contracted to design a better solution to seal the hydraulic doors.

  • 1/8"-thick bulb weather seals were added to the building jamb and adjacent door jamb. Each seal extended into the 3" space approximately 2" to create an overlap and consistently seal the door when closing
  • 3/16"-thick weather seals and galvanized retainers closed off the gap across the header
  • 1/8"-thick weather seals and galvanized retainers were used for the bottom bulb seal